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I'm so proud of you for being here.

I hope you feel proud too.

hi, i'm Amelia.

I help people come home
to themselves. 


From a young age, we are conditioned to split off from our truth, our emotions, and our power for the sake of pleasing others. In fact, the better you are at abandoning yourself, the more you're praised and rewarded by society, and perhaps your family, too.


So often, the stories we believe about ourselves

were given to us by other people. And most of the time, these stories were not actually meant to serve us, but to serve the systems around us. 

But at what cost? 

This split from our truth and our bodies creates symptoms of self-doubt, anxiety, shame, depression, loneliness, body-hate, people pleasing, and chronic burn-out, among so many others. 

In our work together, we'll dig out the stories that no longer serve you, and create space for new stories to take root. My hope is that our work will help you reclaim your connection to your body, to the earth, and to your inner wisdom. 

If you're tired of feeling trapped in your own life... let's talk.


You just may be on the edge of your own becoming.

You're in the right place if
you're ready for... 


areas of focus

Early Adulthood Support

LGBTQIA+ Community

Executive Function & Working Memory

Inner Child Healing

Gender & Sexuality

Attachment Wounds

Exploring Spirituality & Religious Deconstruction

Purpose  & Career

Body Connection & Dissociation

Generalized Anxiety

Sexual Assault & Trauma

ADHD in Adults

Connection to Earth & Grounding

Conflict Resolution


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individual therapy

During these unprecedented times, we all need extra support. If you're struggling personally or in your relationships, there is hope.

Learn more about talk therapy and what to expect as we work together to create a life that inspires you. 

nature  therapy

If you're looking to reconnect to your body and the natural world around you, nature therapy could be a great fit. We will use a combination of body-centered and talk-centered strategies for a holistic healing process. 


Learn more about nature therapy, and how we'll work together to strengthen your connection to your body and the earth.  


group experiences

In the warmer months, I offer both educational and therapeutic outdoor experiences.


Enter your email below to stay updated on offerings as they become available. If you have an idea for a group you'd like to be a part of, I am always open to suggestions. Please feel free to reach out with any additional questions you may have.

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Are you at the edge of your own becoming?

If you're ready to release old stories 

& create a life authentic to you... I can help.

Fill out the form to get started.


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