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about me
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about me

It's no secret that existing in the world today is really fucking hard.


Even before the pandemic, feelings of disconnect, loneliness,

depression, and anxiety were knocking at the door for so many of us.

Now in 2022, I think it's safe to say that door has been kicked in. 

If you're here, I imagine you may be feeling all of this and more.


Perhaps you've tried meditating, or journaling, or CBT, and my guess is, these "tools" didn't work quite as well as you hoped. 


I know firsthand how frustrating and scary it is to feel like you're at your limit, with no real way of easing the pain. It's the worst kind of suffering. 

What I have found on my own journey is that often, our suffering sticks around because we have been taught to rely on other things or people to heal it for us. 


We become dependent on romantic partners, friend groups, careers, hobbies, fashion etc. to ease our pain. For most of us, we may get a glimmer of belonging, but on the whole, it feels much more like an endless chase. 


All the while, we’ve been taught to abandon the most important relationship we’ll ever have - the one with ourselves.


The deep truth is, we cannot fully heal until we learn how to show up

in our own bodies with kindness and compassion. 

My goal is to help you ditch the stories that no longer serve you, reconnect to the earth, and learn what it means to deeply belong to yourself first. 

It's time to heal, dear one.

If you're ready to release the stories keeping you stuck in your suffering, and truly find home within yourself, let's connect. 

I can't wait to meet you. 



Amelia Caroline

Image by Jesica Shattuck

my beliefs about therapy

You are the expert of your own healing journey. 

The power you need to heal your deepest wounds is already inside you.


My role is simply to support you as you rediscover your authentic selfand to provide tools and support as you learn to let go of old stories and programs keeping you stuck.

beliefs about therapy

Therapy should not be about fixing you. 

You are already perfectly whole and worthy of love, respect, and connection just as you are - no fixing needed.

My job is simply to help you learn why this is already true


what therapy should not be

Image by Jesica Shattuck

my personal

My work as a therapist must be anti-racist.

It is unethical to engage in therapeutic work without also actively working personally and professionally to dismantle the oppressive systems that keep my clients (and myself) from their right to heal and thrive.

The bottom line is this: as a white therapist, I will get it wrong sometimes. I cannot and should not pretend to be a safe space for everyone.

If we work together, I can promise to be accountable to you, to always welcome feedback, and to intentionally work to dismantle the systems inside me and around me that harm us all. 

professional journey

inner child.jpg


Began the building phase of my dream therapy practice. 


Officially launched Rooted+Wild Psychotherapy. 


I was first introduced to nature therapy as a participant in a group outdoor experience. 


Completed training in Art Therapy.

Led expressive arts therapeutic groups for young adults.


Paused being a therapist to tend to burnout, assess my long-term goals, and make some major life transitions. 


Dug deeper into my own inner child work, learned to manage some new medical diagnoses, and began to prepare for a mindful and sustainable re-entry into the therapy world. 


Began working in community mental health settings helping children, teens, and adults with outpatient and inpatient care.


Graduated from The Seattle School with a Master's in Counseling Psychology.

areas of focus

Early Adulthood Support

Executive Function & Working Memory

Gender & Sexuality

Exploring Spirituality & Religious Deconstruction

Body Connection & Dissociation

Sexual Assault & Trauma

Connection to Earth & Grounding

Attachment Wounds

Inner Child Healing

Confidence & Authenticity

Purpose  & Career

Generalized Anxiety

ADHD in Adults

Conflict Resolution

professionl journey
areas of expertise

Are you at the edge of your own becoming?

If you're ready to create a life your inner child

would be proud of... I can help.

Fill out the form to get started.


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